I was fly fishing in a brackish bayou, and I noticed there were several shiny silver baitfish. The baitfish were swimming in water that was 6" deep. The baitfish would only last a short while in the cove, as the other fish were eating them like crazy. I am not sure what kind of fish was eating them, but I don't care; I just want to catch them. I tried tying a streamer that looked like the baitfish, but I fear the fly is too slim. The baitfish were about 2" long, and 3/4" "tall". The fly I tied was 2" long, but 1/8" wide. I used a Miss Marabou pattern, but I used different material. I used shad gray marabou for the tail and "wing", silver Flashabou and silver cord as the body, and black bead chain eyes. I noticed that the baitfish were shiny. I am looking for a material that I could use to make the fly "taller" and make it a shiny silver. What should I use?