Here is one to watch for, we have some samples coming this way:

Quoting from their press release:
" For centuries fly-tiers have known about the fish-attracting properties of peacock herl. Now UNI brings these iridescent colors to the world of tinsel. Peacock AXXEL FLASH adds to the already highly popular series of colors available in this multi-strand tinsel. And, as part of a commitment to offer the best in Mylar tinsels, UNI will market a two-tone, peacock/orange, UNI-Mylar in four sizes.
To discover the fish-catching potential of these new tinsels for yourself, ask your local fly-shop to order a supply. For more information about offerings from UNI Products and a dealer locator, visit our website at [url=][/url:3633f] "

UNI has been a long-time Sponsor of FAOL.

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