LF. I have always done the whip finish by hand and needed just one look at a simple drawing on a xerox copy to learn it. I have to say 99% of all knots come natural for me. (except for the blood knot, I have it engraved on my cortex but still takes me quite some time to do it!!!)

JC. I will give it a try. And don't worry, I will try to keep it a secret.

I hope it will help me feel safe about going straight from tying off the hackle to the WF without the fear of it unwrapping.

So far I've only had one fly that came apart after leaving the vise (and I have never used cement), but I have to be honest I knew it before I released it from the vise. The wingcase was so poorly tied, that when I intended to fish the fly, with the tension of pulling the tippet, it went loose and formed kind of an inverted wing.

I pulled the wing case back so that it would look like wings and managed to get some strikes!!

Hey it was already on the tippet, so what the h...

Thx guys.