Hi guys,

First off I'd like to say I have the fine point jaws and it works very well. It does have a lot of rotational force and wants to move but BFD, I still spin it like crazy. I use the travel system exclusively so my vice is mounted to the board and sits on my tying table. But here is some news... Norm has developed a new arm for these jaws with a more acute angle so it's a lot smoother. I tried it out and noticed a big difference. Norm will take care of you too, at no cost to yourself if you need anything repaired/replaced or even slightly customized. I had him make my fine point conversion even finer and he took care of it all for no cost and he doesn' mind if you call him.
Auto bobbin, get one, you'll never ever go back to a standard if you can figure it out. Personally, I don't know how you cannot figure it out as it's very simple. Pull the bobbin for more thread, lift the bobbin up to shorten the thread.... let it go, it stays right where it is... if you want to put tension on you thread to tighten the wraps well, then you just use your little finger to tension the spool and pull.... Watch the video that comes with the vice and you'll be good to go. I will admit, I had doubts when I first got my vice, but once you learn how to use it correctly and get it to spin the hook on it's horizontal axis, it's just downright nasty!!!