Okay, first of all, I tie a lot. Started out on a Griffin 3ARP, then moved to a Danvise (original from Danica, not Orvis) whilst stationed in the UK. The Danvise has lasted almost 10 years, though I'm on my 2nd set of jaws. Just wear them out.
I love true rotary. Once I started tying with the Danica, I could never go back to a non-rotary vise.
Question for the fly tying collective here. My Danvise has developed a crack in the barrel and is having difficulties. Time for a new vise. I'm seriously thinking of the Nor-vise.
The ability to rapidly spin dubbing and the like intrigues me. Of those who've used this vise for a bit, what are your feelings? Positive and negative. Also, sources. Did you buy directly from Nor-vise or elsewhere?
Also, I travel big time with my vise. Will the lack of a permanent station hinder me? Should I go in and get the base and travel kit? I already know that I should buy the automatic bobbin to go with it. What do you do when you want to change threads and you still have thread on that bobbin?
I know its a lot of questions, but with accessories, I'm looking at a 400 dollar investment.
Frank Reid
(note: I've searched and read all the back topics on this. I know that the vise has changed over the years, so looking for some updated views)

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