I have been told Thompson went out of business.....so I wouldn't be buying any of their older vices. The Griffing Patriot and MT Mongoose come with both c-clamp and pedestal. I use the pedestal, and add the c-clamp post added on to the pedestal standrod for more height. I haven't had a prob with tipping over.....yet. Just FYI....probably once you get a good vice...be it Danvise, Peak, or the Dingo.....(I Wish)...or the Dyna's etc.....once you learn on it you will probably like it. I have a canvas bag with lots of outside pockets all way around. It is not a bag but more like an old fashioned gym bag in that it stands up. I have all the pockets filled with material and hooks. I just pick up my pedestal vice and set in in the bag, pick up the bag by the handles and go set it in the truck. Pretty handy. One man's feast is another man's fodder. Good Luck

Just FYI