I use and swear by Daiichi 1110's in sizes 20-26. Oversized ring eye, oversize gap, perfect bend, regular length shank, micro barb. The bigger eye helps the bad eyes thread the hook. I also use them for glass bead head midges. Even the tiniest beads can slip over a regular sized eye on a midge hook in small sizes; the bigger eyes prevent that from happening. The wider gap helps in hook-ups as does the straight eye. I get my Daiichi hooks from Lines End; great prices and service:

In sizes 28-32 I use Tiemco 518?s. They are OK but I still don?t understand why Tiemco feels that a hook that small needs a 1X short shank, jeez there ain?t much shank to begin with. I also think the eyes should be oversized especially on a 32! Other than that I like them. For midge curved shank hooks I use Tiemco 2488, an excellent hook. I get my Tiemco hooks from my local fly shop.