A little timeline on my experience in ordering from Denny: I ordered from Denny about noon on Wednesday and the JV Hen Necks were here at my home this afternoon!

That is from the Pacific NW to Ohio in two days--so count me as a happy camper with his great service!

I have already made up a half dozen soft hackle patterns this evening and that JV Hackle really is sweet. I like that the stems are friendly and not brittle at all which allows me to tie more efficiently. There is a extra shine to the feathers too that is hard to describe--it just seems like there is an extra eye appeal to the hackle that I like. Others have mentioned that these feathers breath in the water well; I have not fished them yet but so far they pass my "eye" test with flying colors.

I will be trying them out in the morning on some bull bluegills and will let you know how the JV Hen Hackle performs in the water.

Thanks Denny for a superior product and excellent service.

Take care,