After reading a recent post about Soft Hackle flies and Denny's reply regarding the use of his JV Hens hackle for just that purpose, I contacted him. He was very quick to reply and that is not all. He told me he could ship the JV Hens next Tuesday and that all I needed was to send him payment via snail mail. I replied letting him know that I did not think my check would get to him in time for the Tuesday shipment. He replied back with the following:

"I will ship on Tuesday and we will let the bird fuzz and monies cross in the mail. Thanks for your order. Enjoy Denny"

I did not expect that at all. Very surprised to say the least. You don't find that kind of trust these days, although, I do find it to be the norm with folks here at FAOL.

Many many thanks to Denny. I look foward to receiving the hackles and tying some Soft hackle flies.