The black-red midge is a pattern that I learned about last year. I have had good success with it last fall and this winter here in Colorado fishing tailgaters on the S Platte and Arkansas rivers. In the past, I would fish either a red midge, like a zebra or dojo midge or a black midge, like a zebra or black beauty, but have found this pattern seems to fool the fish more around here.

Hook: Wholesale Fly Company model 10 scud hook, size 20 or 22. Size 22 shown here. I have found that the gold color hook works better for this pattern than one with a darker finish. It lets the red color of the tubing show up better.
Bead: silver lined clear micro bead
Thread: black Veevus 10/0
Body: Hareline blood red micro tubing

1) Pinch hook barb and place bead on hook. This can be a non-trivial task... The beads won't fit on the hook unless you crimp the. barb. Some hooks have a sharper bend angle and the beads won't make the turn without breaking. These WFC hooks work well. I find I have to hold the hook with an EZEE hackle pliers and fish the hook point through a bead sitting in my bead dish.

2) Wrap a thread base over the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the hook shank behind the bead.
3) Attach the micro tubing and tie it down to the end of the thread base. Wrap the thread back up to right behind the bead and secure with a half hitch or whip finish.
4) This is a lot easier with a rotary vise... Wrap the tubing back to the bend and then back over itself to the thread base. Continue wrapping, trying to keep a smoothly tapered body up to just behind the bead.
5) Whip finish and apply head cement (SHHAN) right behind the bead.

You should be able to see a bright red color on the tail half of the body and a much darker color over the first half of the body where the black thread base is under the tubing.