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    I've never been smart enough to avoid a can of;

    I have a Regal and a couple Renzetti's on (or near) my desk. I find myself using my Renzetti Traveller about 90% of the time just because I'm so comfortable with it. I like the Regal for it's ease of use, no adjusting for different hooks, but it's not a "true" rotary.

    For ease of use the spring loaded jaws on the Regal are hard to beat. They offer a range of jaws, so choose the ones that suit your tying. I have the stainless Steel jaws that hold everything from #10 to 20 with no problems - I rarely tie anything outside that range so I'm happy. I go to the Regal when I'm tying hairwing flies because the design allows me to get the material positioned tightly and level on the hook.

    I have an older Renzetti Presentation, but the cam jaws on my Traveller are so much better I seldom use it. If you like the Renzetti range I strongly recommend the cam jaws! I wasn't sure about the rotary function when I got the vise, but I use it quite a lot now. It's probably the reason the Traveller is my go-to vise. At around $200 it is, IMO, really good value for the money!

    If you tie a lot of streamers, or like to spin hair, the Dyna King jaws are probably worth a look.

    HMH, like Dyna King make solid, well engineered vises, there's nothing I can say was bad about either of them, but I never got completely comfortable so they don't live here anymore. Your mileage may vary......

    In an ideal world, which we certainly don't live in right now, I'd say go to your local fly shop and handle a few brands/styles, see if you can tie a couple flies on whatever you're considering, and buy the one you feel most comfortable with. Unfortunately that may not be possible until ????

    Hope this helps!

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