Thanks for the replies I am looking for a water proof PVC tape , Here is the information I have

A few years ago Darrell Martin in his new book "Micro Patterns" introduced a new technique for making caddis wings which was created by Slovenian fly tyer Bodizar Voljc and the German tyer Roman Moser. In the Voljc-Moser caddis the tyer applies glue to stretched panty hose and sticks the feather to the backing for a more durable wing. This technique also makes the wing translucent but it is very time consuming to make.

By chance to visit with Carl Richards author of "Selective Trout" and fly tyer Bill Heckle of Chicago. From Carl's photos of the Muskegon Caddis and Bill's technique, the problems of time, durability and translucence were all solved with the use of a PVC tape. By applying feathers to a vinyl water proof tape, the making of durable caddis wings becomes an easy process.

Mernard's lumber yard sells a 2 inch wide PVC wrapping tape for $2-$3.00. Another good tape is 3M's magic mend tape which can be used to repair rips in clothes and is washable. Other good tapes may be found at a water bed store or tapes used for mending tents. Ordinary cellophane tape or thick wrapping tape is not water-proof and will not last when the wing gets wet.

I have checked locally and can not find ether one.

Thanks again for your help.