Here is the complete listing of all Midge(Chronomid) Patterns that can be found in the Fly Of The Week Archives of FAOL .....

Biot Midge,1st Qtr 2001

Biot Midge Pupa, 2nd Qtr 2003

CDC Holographic Suspending Midge,2nd Qtr 2002

Foam Back WD40, 1st Qtr 2005

Griffith's Gnat, 4th Qtr 1997

Lee?s Ferry Midge, 3rd Qtr 2000

Miracle Midge, 1st Qtr 2004

Orange Serendipity, 3rd Qtr 1999

Peacock Midge, 3rd Qtr 2002

Red Thread Larva,1st Qtr 2004

RS2 of Rim Chung, 4th Qtr 1999

Serendipity, 3rd Qtr 2003

Tak's Biot Midge Adult, 2nd Qtr 2004

Texas Foam Midge, 1st Qtr 2002

Trojan Midge, 1st Qtr 2004

Tube Midge Larva, 4th Qtr 1998

Ulmer's Black Gnat, 3rd Qtr 1998

Zebra Midge, 2nd Qtr 2004

~ Parnelli

Down in the meadow in a little bitty pool
Swam three little fishies and a mama fishie too
"Swim" said the mama fishie, "Swim if you can"
And they swam and they swam all over the dam

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