I spent some time at the vise yesterday and came up with what I think will be a killer fly for big bass and pike if we had them in Georgia It's tied on a TMC 8089 hook size 2, with a stinger hook tied in at the back. I clipped off a WiggleFin action disc and slipped it onto the hook so that it is an integral part of the fly. In the "undressed" photo, you'll see a swivel tied in at the hook bend. This allows me to switch out the stinger hook if I need to. The tail of the fly is black Sculpting Flash fiber and the body is Enrico Puglisi EP Streamer Brush w/Micro legs. I used the dumbbell type 3D eyes that are attached with thread to the hook shank. I pulled the streamer brush material back to expose the eyes and put just a tiny bit of UV epoxy around them to keep the fibers in place and the eyes exposed. I added a few wraps of lead wire in front of the eyes to get a nice slow sink rate and gave all the "undergarments" a coat of UV epoxy to lock them in place. This thing has incredible action with dragged through the water slowly. (living on a lake lets me test things out even if it's too cold to fish) I will tie up several of these in different colors for the upcoming season.Scrounger fly.JPG