A few minor changes to the original. After a few casts, it'll probably be more of a hair-winged Muddler than a hare-hackled Stimulator; not that that's a bad thing.

hook ? Maruto 2312 #6
thread - UTC 140 brown
body - medium tinsel opal
hackle - brown (undersize by 1)
underwing - Congo Hair tan
wing - elk hair
head - hare's mask (loop dubbed)

Part 1

mash barb, start thread at 3/4 mark; tie in (folded) hackle by tip, wrap to bend, return to 3/4 mark (try to keep it smooth)

tie in tinsel, wrap to bend and back; tie off/trim

brush body with Sally, wrap hackle forward, stroking fibers back; tie off/trim

tie in CH; trim (even with bend)

clean, stack, measure (tips a bit past underwing) a clump of elk hair; tie in/trim

make thread loop; wax on