JS Stenersen's salute to petrochemical byproducts; this much foam and rubber makes me proud to be a carbon-based life form. A study in tying backwards; notional sequence.

hook - Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 140 woodduck
legs - medium rubber brown
rib - x-small wire copper
body - Ice Dub golden brown
hackle - brown (undersize by 2)
shellback - 2mm foam golden
wing - Congo Hair shiner tan
indicator - 2mm foam orange

Part 1

mash barb start thread; wrap to bend

tie in rear legs; fold and wrap to bend

tie in rib

dub thread/dub body to 1 eye width from eye

tie in hackle; palmer rearwards to bend

capture tip of hackle with wire; continue ribbing forward, helicopter end/cover with thread