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    created this pattern about three years ago and It has done well for me . It Is a cross between a wired bas@#$%, a pattern shown to me In 1966, and a pheasant tail nymph. I also tie a soft hackle / flymph version which I will post at a latter date.

    thread: 6/0 uni thread, camel color
    hook: mustad 3906b
    bead: tungsten, copper color
    tail: natural pheasant tail fibers
    abdomen: uni-wire, 2 strands copper brown, one strand copper
    thorax: Arizona synthetic dubbing, natural peacock, and a copper bead
    covert: whiting brahma hen, march brown
    hackle: whiting brahma hen, march brown

    both the wire and the bead vary with hook size

    wire: medium for hook sizes 8 & 10, brassie for hook sizes 12 & 14. and small for hook sizes 16 and 18

    bead, 8-3/16", 10-5/32, 12-1/8", 14-7/64", 16-3/32", 18-5/64"

    hope it does as well for you as it has for me
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