I was one of the folks Hans sent the Mustad size 32's to. It took me three hooks to get one tied. I did a midge tied with CDC barbules. The first hook got spit out of the vise, and Hans wouldn't let me off the hook, and sent me another one. Same thing happen to the second one. Tony Spezio sent me the third one and with a lot of precautions I got the fly tied and sent in. The weird thing was when I was cleaning around my desk a couple weeks after I sent mine in and I found both hooks. Gave one to Rick Ross, another participant, since his first hook had broken. My understanding is that Hans switched servers and the pictures were lost in the process. There were some interesting flies in the "Smallest Fly Project" I still have a few of the TMC size 32's but my fingers are too fat and arthritic, not to mention my eye sight isn't what it used to be to tie on them. I did tie two of the midge pattern I sent in, normally I tie it on a 20 or 22, on the TMC size 32. Fished them on a 11X tippet. Caught two small sunfish on them. Haven't fished one since.