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Sam Slaymaker was a member of our Donegal (PA) Chapter of TU back in the 1970?s. A small group of us used to meet monthly back then, mostly in Ken Depoe?s basement in Mount Joy, PA. However, I remember for one of our meetings that Sam invited us to his home, called White Chimney?s, located in Gap, PA. His home was an old historic colonial mansion, built around 1720.

Since our TU chapter was pretty small at the time, and there were only around a dozen members attending each meeting, we were able to have more personal interactions than you?d have with a much larger group. For right or wrong, I developed the impression that Sam was more of a story teller than an ardent fly tyer, and I remember him saying that he just kind of made up his versions of those little trout streamer patterns when the idea came to him, and he was surprised afterwards how popular they became and that they actually caught trout.

I don?t know how much fly tying he actually did himself. Do you know? However, I?d think your best bet to find a fly he tied would be to look close to where he lived, in Lancaster County, PA.

We had another fellow who was also at our monthly TU meetings back then, who was a REAL fly tyer, perhaps one of the best who ever lived, Poul Jorgensen. I wish that I could relive those days.


Thanks John
I was not aware that Poul Jorgensen was from Pennsylvania too.
I?m trying to get all the famous Pa. tyers, as that?s my home state.....Jim