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so where is this magic buttom that allows you to post to the FOTW? FOTW seems to have died in 2014
The FOTW was an article on the front page. I used to just prepare the narrative part of the article with an indicator where each pic should appear, and email that narrative to Neil. Then I would email the numbered pics to Neil in the sequence they should appear in the article. A lot easier than posting to the BB, which involves either an independent pic hosting site to transfer pics to the BB, or using the "attachment" process, which is hit or miss, at best.

The FOTW disappeared in 2014 due to lack of member / reader interest and participation. It could still be included in the periodic front page publications if anyone really wanted to support the FAOL website rather than just take advantage of the Bulletin Board hosted by the website. If and when the website terminates, so much that is stored in the archives is going to be lost, as well as everything on the various Forums, and lack of participation in supporting the website will be a major factor in that happening.