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    Default Woodright's Carnage Salmonfly SBS

    The ones I saw ain't orange; the furniture marker gets the color close enough.

    hook - Dai Riki 135 #6
    thread - UTC 140 fluoro orange
    core - 20lb mono
    tail - moose body hair
    abdomen - 2mm foam orange (colored with furniture marker pen)
    wing - elk hair
    thorax/head - 1mm foam orange (colored with furniture marker pen)
    legs - medium rubber brown
    indicator - 1mm foam orange

    Part 1

    put a loop in the mono

    mash barb/start thread; brush shank with Super Glue and tie in mono

    clean, stack, measure (2.5x shank length) some moose body; trim butts/tie in, hook loop onto gallows

    wrap tail up the mono

    and back down

    tie in foam strip (about 1/3 gap width; can't go too wide with 2mm stock or it won't lay properly on the core)

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