First off I admit I am a bit of a net nut. It began in 1962 when my Dad attempted to net a trout for me. My very first trout and yes it was big. Only half of the trout fit in the net. My Dad had to pin the trout to his chest to keep it from escaping.

I had a similar solo experience with a giant driftless brown about 40 years later.

First off you need to net the trout properly. You don't want a trout with its tail on fire in your net. Secondly there is a proper direction to net a fish. Head first into the net. Typically the trout has one more burst of energy left when you try to net them. Trout have no reverse gear so NEVER net them tail first. Tilt that net ever so slightly upper ward so when it hits the gas again it does not escape.

The most easy thing to control on the net dilemma is to have the proper tool for the job. Net need to be wide enough and deep enough!!

A net adequate for these two is fine unless....