I just had my first success on bread flies a few weeks ago. My targets were sunfish and anything else around them. I dubbed some white Polarfibre and a little bit of tan craft fur on a size 12 dry fly hook. I wouldn't add any weight to the hook unless the fish are deep. The fly was sinking just about the same as the bread. Yes chumming was involved. The fish started to spot that the fly was a fake as I could see some of them coming up to it and checking it out for a couple of seconds and then leaving.

The best fish was a 9 or 10 inch Golden Shiner. I outfished my companions who were using actual bread.
Sometimes flies are better.


PS I squeezed the chummed bread so that it sank slowly and could be tossed farther. A foam or deer hair version might be best if the chum is floating.
What has "flyfishing" come to?

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