Okay guys, I am asking for your pointers. What can I do to improve on my tying of this fly? Let me have it, cause I really would like to make it the best I can.



Here are some larger versions if you have the bandwidth and/or want a closer look (they are about 2MB each):

[url=http://members.cox.net/drolfson/images/RoyalTrude.jpg:ca3da]Color Adjusted and slightly cropped[/url:ca3da]
[url=http://members.cox.net/drolfson/images/DSCN1117.JPG:ca3da]Straight off the camera card[/url:ca3da]

Hope you enjoy. Don

Okay, I had to move the images off to Photobucket. Seems the server I have used before is no longer in our DMZ

Okay, I moved the linked ones once more, because photobucket resized them for me. Nice initiative for them, unwanted by me. Hopefully this is the lat time I gotta move them, and I hope all y'all can see them.

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