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...The westslope cutts that inhabit my home water, and an occasional bull trout, are quite fond of the OC adults. An OC dry is the fly du jour this time of year, and usually for weeks on end...

It may be particular to the creeks I fish in northern Idaho, but most of the OC adults I catch and observe have very subtle and light orange, if any, coloration. They generally tend to be light tan with some orange tints. Some do have fairly strong orange accents but still present as basically a light tan insect.[snip]
Thanks for the anecdote, John. Have seen many large hatches on my stream for October caddis, who are a pretty distinctive orange in my neck of the woods, although the pupae range from cream to orange depending on maturity. While one might expect them to be a likely target, the rainbows in my area pretty much ignore them until it gets cold and wet and the adults spend more time on the water. Our hatch is still a couple weeks away, and while nymphing pupae is already effective, the dries are just not productive enough to merit use, unless the right conditions are met in the late season. Typically by the time the weather turns there are bigger game to go after, so I've never met the right circumstance to try my luck with adult patterns.

Always interesting to hear what is going on in other parts of the country.