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Alberto, a couple quick questions about the hook you used.

1) Is that a TMC 7999?
2) You said size 6. How big is the gap? Here in MI, we can't used single-point hooks with a gap greater than 1/2" for most of the year.
3) If this is not a TMC 7999, what is it, and how much did you pay for them?

Obviously, I want to get some of these hooks, but the cost is up there a bit. With the size restrictions we have, I don't want to drop some money into something I won't be able to use but for 3 months out of a year.
Allen, the hook is a Daiichi 2441, the gap on the size 6 is 3/8" wide. I got most of my salmon hooks from an estate sale, but online, the 10-pack of these hooks is about $5. The hooks I use for these flies are either Daiichi's or if not vintage Partridge hooks. Again, it all came from this estate sale.