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    I have a complete tying kit available sold complete only. The Vice and bench have been VERY lightly used, but all are 100%. The HMH Spartan has Omni Jaws for tying the full range of hook styles. The Tools are new buildut have been in a drawer since purchase.

    All materials are unused and full packaging, but may or may not be in original packaging. All are top quality and from my own bench.

    This is the type of kit folks "wish" was sold out there. No useless material, or junk. Everything fits in the two bins pictured. The Hackle is new, except for the Grizzly patch. It is cut from a Whiting Bronze neck that I have been using the backside of for bassbugs.

    Materials to tie most any trout pattern and light bass flies. AN unbelievable starter kit, or solid travel kit for an experienced tyer.

    $300 (You can't find a kit that compares)

    List of materials below:

    Tying Bench & Kit

    HMH Spartan w/Omni Jaws
    Oasis Pedestal Bench
    Complete Tool Set- Scissors, Threader, Shepherds Hook, Bodkin, Whip Finish, Stacker, Hackle Pliers, Bobbin

    Tying Thread- Olive, Black Tan, Dark Brown 6/0 Uni-thread
    Danville #14 Gold Tinsel
    Danville Mylar Tinsel Gold/Silver
    Danville Black Flat-Waxed
    .015 Lead WIre
    Loon Wax
    Whiting Bronze Dun ? Neck, Black ? Neck, Cabelas Brown Cape, Whiting Grizzly Neck Patch
    Marabou- Black, Brown, Ginger
    Mallard Flank
    Dun Turkey Flats
    English Grouse
    Barred Strung Hackle Grizzly, Brown, Green, Yellow
    Bucktail Assortment
    Light & Natural Deer Body Hair
    Snowshoe Hare Feet Dun, natural, Olive
    Comparadun Hair Dun, Natural, Light
    Moose Body hair
    Light Elk
    Orvis Spectrablend Asst

    Chenille Brown & Black
    Micro-Fibbets Light & Dark
    Antron White
    MIcro Chenille Flo-Chartreuse, Flo-Pink
    WIld Turkey Tail
    Pheasant Tail
    Golden Pheasant Tippet
    Goose Biot White, Black, Ginger
    CDC Sulfur, Black, Dun, Brown, White

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