Perhaps this belongs in the "For Trade/Barter" section but, since it isn't totally fly fishing related, I thought I'd try here. Mods, feel free to move it if you see fit.

I won a pretty nice duck call at a recent Delta Waterfowl banquet. I will never use it. Not because I don't hunt ducks, but because I make duck and goose calls. I'd like to trade this call for something fly fishing related.

This is is a Drake Down duck call. On their web site, ( your custom duck call provider), these calls retail for $129. I will entertain any trade offers you might like to run past me. I would consider anything fly fishing related such as fly tying tools or material, fishing gear, accessories, whatever.

I don't expect anyone to offer a trade value of the $129 retail price. Just shoot me your best trade offer. I will consider any reasonable offers. Thanks.


Call 2.jpgcall.jpg