The weather has been like a yo-yo in southeast NE, which has affected the Papio. Slowly, as the water & air temps go up, I'm noticing the carp getting caught and the aggressiveness of the eat, are increasing. Friday the 13th was good to me, where I landed 2. The second one was pulling line out, and I already had the drag fairly tight. Tight lines!

IMG_20180411_195444_667.jpg 11 APR 18 - Red SJW IMG_20180411_195734_313.jpg Matt P on the board for 2018 11 APR 18 -

IMG_20180412_174150_870.jpg 12 APR 18 - Fl Fuchsia SJW IMG_20180413_163838_853.jpg 13 APR 18 - 7.44lbs, Fl Fucshia SJW

IMG_20180413_163838_849.jpg 13 APR 18 - 6.78lbs, Fl Fuchsia SJW