Lee, Since I'm using weighted flies, I'm not sure that an indicator would work well. The only indicator I've ever used is the small yellow foam rubber roll-on kind, and even then I cut them in half to use. I would use them when fishing soft hackles up under overhanging brush. With the leeches, I watch where my leader/line enters the water. If I see any movement, even the slightest twitch, I set the hook. Most of the time with both the leeches and the and the Carter's Sculpin, they just grab it and take off. In the summer months, the big boys get real subtle with their takes and an indicator would not be a bad idea. My go-to summer pattern is Cap Spiders, usually tied on 1/80 oz jig heads, painted black with nail polish, and white or barred legs. p.s. You will find the Carter's Sculpin to be a very effective crappie fly as well, especially when it's tied in bright colors like red, orange, or purple tail and a white body with grizzle hackle collar. Great pattern.

Jim Smith