to proclaim those New Years' RESOLUTIONS. I have already started mine ahead of the "execution date" of January ONE. Rather than put off the pain, I started my "resolution diet" about two months ago and lost 20 (YES TWENTY- 223 to 203) pounds. I started early knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas are/were ahead and would present a REAL test of my resolve. Well, Thanksgiving has passed and I held firm and I'm sure Christmas will be the same. My previous NY's resolution was in Jan of 1979 where I resolved to quit worked for about amonth till February 5th when I smoked a FULL pack . I then was so depressed that I had squandered the smokless month that I again resolved to renew the resolution. So, I again quit smoking February 6th 1979 at 2:30 PM and have never smoked since .
My NEW, for the coming year, resolution is to "CUT DOWN" on " consumin of vast quantities". After all, there ARE limits.............

Have any of y'all decided that "this will be the year...............?"

Meanwhile, resolutions notwithstanding, I wish everyone has a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS New Year.