This is a LATE report.
Here in central Iowa, at least, we had a VERY LONG Fall season. We do get ice here in the winter, thick enough to fish on...and even drive on. I've icefished as early as the week before Thanksgiving, but some years not until January.

It was nice to be able to continue flyfishing open water into the first week or so of December.
Typically the later in the year it gets, the fewer bass I catch, so I wind up targeting crappie or stocker trout right up until ice-up.
But this year I stayed on bass all the way to ice-up.

The Fall season started back in late September. I was using shad imitations for awhile, until the action on those faded to almost nil. But then I switched to big articulated flies (like Blayne Chocklett's Gamechanger) for about 4 weeks. I fished these pretty aggressively at first, and caught a lot of good bass, including my biggest bass of the year, 21.25". As the water cooled, I put longer pauses in the retrieve to still catch fish. The water temps eventually got too cold even for that.

I finished off the year by switching to a 1/80th oz to 1/32nd oz jig under an indicator...the Float-n-Fly technique. This caught some nice bass for me as well, including my 2nd biggest bass of the year, 20.5".