Got the idea for this, in particular the winging sequence, from watching Davie McPhail's Orange Heron Spey vid. Took this as an opportunity to get some use out of a redhead skin (plus the fact that I have no blue eared pheasant or decent teal flank).

hook - Dai Riki 899 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tag - tinsel gold
tail - peacock swords
rear body - floss red
front body - peacock herl
body hackle - duck feather (redhead used here)
collar - flank (redhead used here)
wing(s) - hen badger (2 per side)

Part 1

mash barb, start thread; tie in tinsel at point

wrap tinsel to barb and back; tie off/trim

measure (tips to bend) some peacock sword fibers; tie in/trim at 50% mark, cover with thread

tie in floss; wrap to tail and back, tie off/trim

tie in (folded) feather by tip

tie in peacock herl, wrap to 1 eye width back from eye, tie off/trim