A pattern from French Canadian tyer Jean Guy Cote, the founder of Uni products. Hope he doesn't mind the thread choice here.

hook - Dai Riki 799 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 red
rib - x-small wire gold
tail - golden pheasant tippets
body - floss burnt orange
body hackle - grizzly saddle
wing - calftail yellow
topping - peacock herl
front hackle - grizzly

Part 1

mash barb, start thread; tie in rib, wrap to bend

trim center stem out of gp tippet, measure (gap width past bend); tie in/trim

tie in (folded) hackle by tip

tie in floss at the double wire, wrap body; tie off/trim

sweep hackle fibers back and wrap forward; tie off/trim