I read a lot of posts where people talk about tying a dozen or more flies in a sitting, and started wondering why I can't do this.

Previously, I had always concluded that I just don't have the attention span and left it at that. Last night, I tied two flies, and realized that my shoulders and upper back were uncomfortable, and I started thinking about my tying position. My vice is about 5" below my eye level, and 12" away from me.

I enjoy tying, and would like to find a more comfortable position. My vice is as low as I can make it, given the desk, and table heights. With some work, I can lower it further, but it will involve permanent measures such as cutting the vices main shaft, and/or drilling a hole into my tying table.

Has anyone put any thought into this, and if so, what conclusions did you draw? I suspect that the ultimate answer will be "do what is comfortable" but would like a sense of how other tyers set up their vice heights.