I tend to tie on the same orange and white yak hair Clouser whenever fishing home saltwater flats. I've been reasonably successful with this fly. So it is a comfort factor I use to begin the day's fishing as well as a heavy fly useful to remind my muscles what I expect them to do.

I am planning a trout trip for this summer. I've been in contact with the local gentleman who will guide me one day and impart local knowledge. He's suggested those flies he believes will be most effective, and I'm tying them. However, I'm also tying up a batch of Lime Trude's, some CDC&Elk, and a raft of Wulff's. Not so much comfort flies as flies that look like they should work.

Most flies probably appeal at least as much to the fisher as the fish.

aka Cap'n Yid.

Stev Lenon, 91B20'68-'69
When the dawn came up like thunder