Proper Way To Fish A Hole

Sometimes people fish so much they lose their basic fishing instincts. Rule one when fishing if you can see the fish they can see you. Many folks like getting up high so they can see better. This spooks fish. Your movement and shadow control on the water are kindergarten thing level skills you learn. It is much harder to land and release a fish from overlooking position. You need to move to get down to water level and you might as well throw rocks in the hole after one fish.

The proper way is to get down at stream level so your shadow is not a hazard and landing and unhooking trout is not so harried and causes a commotion. Get that trout to hand quickly so you won't spook the hole. You can expect at least one more trout from this hole. No throwing in rocks required.

I am also not completely sold on polarized sunglasses. They cause you to be a little too curious and you can get too close to a hole and spook the hole before you start.