The kit that I put together for my student included the following items. Remember this is for a beginner who lives in an area where most fishing is in lakes and reservoirs for trout.

AA Vise, Standard Spring Wire Bobbin, Rotating Whip finisher, Bobbin threader, Standard 3" scissors, 100 Mustad 94840 size 8 hooks, 100 Mustad 94840 size 10 hooks, white calf tail, medium yellow chenille, medium bblack chenille, Keough 1/2 cape Black Tier's C grade, Keough 1/2 cape grizzley tier's C grade, blended black rabbit dubbing in black and brown, Danville 6/0 black thread, peacock flasbabou, and pearl flashabou. I'll also be giving him copper wire and a patch of deer hide that I have an excess of. The kit cost the boy 68, plus 3.95 for shipping which was $71.95. He is getting everything that he needs to be able to tie nymphs and dry flies for this area. The only thing that I forgot to include was black and olive marabou - whichhe can purchase on his own for a few dollars here in town.