I don't often endorse products but I have found one that I really like, so I thought I would pass it on.

Cortland makes a fly line, the Finesse Trout II. It is a weight forward floating fly line.

It was highly recommended by Bud Frasca out of Idaho as the line that would fit my new Thomas & Thomas rod. The rod was a special model made for the FFF. Bud assisted in designing the rod with the intent of having a rod that would carry a rather large fly a long way across our western rivers.

Anyway,he strongly recommended the Cortland Finesse II fly line. Since then I have had a number of guides cast my rod with that line and they all really like it. One guide & shop owner, Steve Worley of the Worley Bugger Fly Co. in Ellensburg, WA liked it so much he has started carrying that particular line in his shop and he and some of his guides have started using that line on their personal fly rods. I have purchased several more to use with some of my other fly rods.

The line really reaches out and lays down very nicely. It handles a large dry fly as well as really small dry flies.

If anyone is in the need of a really good dry fly line I strongly recommend this line. The heaviest it comes is in a 6 weight size.

Larry ---sagefisher---