I don't know if anyone has tried this before, but I have been experimenting with what could be a very good temporary repair of torn or worn out waders. My old waders (breathable Chota's) had some spots in the crotch where the waterproof material had worn away from ordinary use. I saw an ad on the tv for "FlexSeal", that spray on/paint on waterproofing material, and it got me thinking'
"If it can seal a screen door in a boat, why wouldn't it seal leaking waders?" It turned out that the 'Flexseal', worked ok for a little while (about 1 hour of wade time), it just didn't hold up under all the moving around, and I once again experienced the 'wet bottom syndrome'. Then I happened to see the ad for "FlexTape", that supposedly worked even under water. I told myself, "What the heck, it can't be any worse then the original experiment", and went and purchased a roll of it (a little pricey, at $12 a roll at Walmart). Surprise, surprise!!! The initial testing showed that it worked!!! Two hours into the fishing and no leaking!!! The jury is still out, however, as I want to test it further. Will post the results as soon as I finalize.

I was wondering if anyone else had hit upon this idea. Replies welcome!!