One of our readers, a professional photographer in Columbia,David Marin, has a mother who wanted to learn how to tie flies.
David translated Al Campbell's Beginning Fly Tying series into Spanish for her. He is working on the Intermediate section now.

David has offered to let us the translations for here on FAOL - and I hope by next week I will have the first two up as a new Spanish Language section on Fly Tying! That will become a permanent part of FAOL.

We will try to have a new lesson up each week. Our sincere thanks to David for all his efforts!

We have also given permission for the same section to be translated into Russian for a 'club' website in Kazakhstan. When those are live we will give you that url as well.

The same series is being translated into Italian, it will be included on [url=][/url:c8fc9]

Our Fraternity of Fly Fishers is alive and well - we are delighted to be able to share the information worldwide!

LadyFisher, Publisher of