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    Hi, FAOL folks -

    Yesterday, I posted on the Fly Anglers Online board that my longtime flyfishing buddy, who's quite ill now, has asked me to try & sell his flyrods and several flyrod blanks he has. I need your help in identifying and/or determining a reasonable asking price for several of these blanks....

    The first two are dark emerald Lamiglas blanks (I assume graphite?). Both are 9' 2 pc.. One is labeled a 4/5 wt...the other is a 5/6 wt. Any thoughts on the reasonable value of each?


    The next three are 2 pc. glass blanks. All appear to be the brown color of the Fenwick "feralite" rods. Edit: I now understand them to be J. Kennedy Fisher glass blanks. Paul
    Based on their labeling, I believe they're all 2 pc., 6 wt., and 8', 8 1/2', and 9' respectively. Anyone know the brand (J. Kennedy Fisher?) and a reasonable value?
    3B_Glass 2068.jpg4B_Glass 20681_2.jpg5B_Glass 2069.jpg

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