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    Question Been Gone Too Long...

    Hi, FAOL-ers!
    Haven't visited here in 4 years, but looking thru many of the posts, it feels like I'm back home again. So many familiar names still active here!
    I've been away from flyfishing all this time due to family illnesses and several orthopedic surgeries on my knees, "knee-monia" got worse and so I got a new left knee. For a couple years wading has been quite difficult for me, so I stayed outa the water. Just when I was ready to get back into it, I broke my left foot. Yup, the left one!....well, there goes another year to healing & rehab. But I did manage to get out in north-central PA a couple of times this year, so that's progress!
    Recently my 40-year long, very bestest fishing buddy had to hang up his boots due to failing health and advancing dementia. It's a sad time for both him and me. He's asked me to sell his rods and several rod blanks, so I 've been spending quite a bit of time online. During the course of trying to find out what this rod and that blank are, and what they're reasonably worth, a light came on - - that maybe you folks could assist.
    My immediate need is to identify several glass and graphite blanks that he has; the markings / ID's for which I'm just not familiar. Soooo, my question is: where should I post some pics on FAOL with my request to you for some assistance on identification and reasonable, fair value?
    Thank you in advance tight lines,
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