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Thread: Tippet rings

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    PenPen -

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on and post a link to the product you are using. Looks like a really good item at a really good price. If I wasn't already set for life with virtually free thrift shop rings, I'd have an order in for some jumprings.

    Likely a good number of folks will benefit from the time and interest you've shown in contributing to the discussion. Unfortunately, not many folks on this BB have the time or inclination to show some appreciation and to say thanks.

    The fish are always right.

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    Not sure why so many people (96 Guests) troll this Forum without becoming a member. I have garnished some real nuggets from this Forum over the past few years.
    The jumprings were a good find for the price; but Free is even better......)


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    That site helped me out Thank's
    The fishing was good it was the catching that was bad

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    I never thought of something so simple. I will be using Tippet rings on all of my leaders from now on. I used to drive myself crazy using blood knots. Thank god for innovation.

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