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Thread: NE Iowa trout streams, 8/15/2017

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    Default NE Iowa trout streams, 8/15/2017

    After flyfishing for Smallmouth the previous day, we decided to hit a couple trout streams on Tuesday.<br>
    The first was a stream we had not visited before. It has a wild population of Brown Trout. Its a rather small stream. I landed a dozen browns, lost at least 1/2 dozen more, and saw a BIG one go for my big it was having a tough time turning around in the stream to chase the fly. When the fly drifted down too far, I tossed it back upstream to do another drift...several more drifts actually...but never saw that big fish again.
    The ones I caught weren't Wisconsin-sized , but still beautiful, fun fish.

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    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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