Hit a small river for Smallmouth Bass. The water level has dropped to the point that there is only 4 cfs of water flowing, and that continues to drop. Still, I managed to catch around a dozen Smallmouth, all less than 14", and all on a blockhead popper. Also some Green Sunfish.

I waded nearly 2 miles of stream, then walked a gravel road about a mile back to my car. I was beat. But then the 40-minute car ride home, some water and a few bites of food, and I was ready to hit a local public pond, hoping to find some evening topwater Largemouth Bass, and maybe some Grass Carp after dark.
Struck out on the Grass Carp, but did get some bass on topwater, some nice bluegills, and a hefty 9" Pumpkinseed Sunfish.