Carp and doesn't get any more "warmwater" than this, does it?

During my lunch-hours over the past 2 months or so, I've been flyfishing a pond that previously I deplored. I knew the pond had carp in it....very few bluegills, crappies and bass, and the occasional channel catfish. The water is typically pretty muddy. It was a pond I would fish once/year..."just because".

There is another pond several blocks away that has been my "go-to" lunchtime pond for years. It has some big bass in it, but they are exceedingly difficult to entice. But there are plenty of bluegills and crappies to keep one entertained.

Anyway...I started going to this "carp pond" more often this year, because other anglers have discovered the "bass pond", and I prefer to fish solo if possible.
This pond has treated me well. I never really catch a lot...but I rarely get skunked. The carp are always the goal and the biggest challenge, and a catfish or two (sometimes 3!) usually manage to save the day.

I've been using mostly John Montana's Hybrid Carp Fly (and variants) for the carp and many of the catfish. Sometimes just swimming a small Woolly Bugger will entice the catfish, and they will even hit a fly while it is sinking. They seem to be somewhat attracted to a fly hitting the surface.

The carp that I've been able to land so far have been from 24"-28". The catfish have been practically identical, ranging maybe from 15"-19"...with the average right around 17".

Yesterday's lunchtime was pretty fun. Along with a half-dozen bluegills, I managed to land 1 carp (25") and 2 catfish. One of the catfish was the biggest I've caught from this pond so far, at 22". Still not huge, but it was nice to see a bigger fish in there....and what a great fight!