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    Original plan was to fish another tailwater on the east side but sketchy weather forecast led to the conclusion that towing the trailer, even over relatively gentle LowLow Pass, with the potential for snow/black ice probably wasn't a great idea. Lots of moisture on this side but it's mostly rain down low and even though the rivers are up, I know one that'll be clean and the skwalas may be coming off (it's not That River, btw).

    It's been a wet April; there's a creek out there somewhere.

    Mixed bag of sun/clouds on the drive over hides the low hilltops

    sometimes it's better that way

    base camp established

    Not a bad site.

    A bit close to the road, but in a 15 minute walk around the camp I saw varied thrush, Williamson's sapsucker, pileated woodpecker, western grebe, common mergansers, common goldeneye, loon, wooduck, yellow-headed blackbird, Wilson's snipe.

    It does evenings pretty well

    morning, too

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