In a previous post, I mentioned that I had purchased a life-time supply of polar fiber in virtually ever color known to man. I recently tied up four dozen Clousers in four or five different color combinations. I found the Polar Fiber very easy to work with and I liked the looks of the finished flies.

My question is this. I took some of the sweepings of Polar Fiber and gave them a spin in the old coffee (dubbing) grinder. The result was a highly appealing dubbing which blended colors well and looked very easy to use. Does anyone use Polar Fiber left overs for dubbing? If so, do you find it suitable for dry flies and wet flies? With the huge number of colors available, this waste product dubbing looks very promising. As always, thanks in advance for any input. 8T

You had better learn to be a happy camper. You only get one try at this campground and it's a real short camping season.