Back in my bass tournament days we would install "stinger" hooks on the back of some lures such as the spinner bait to catch those fish that would short strike the lure and miss the hook. Now that I am a fly fisherman, I have had several fish short strike my flies and just bite the tail of the fly. I am in no way interested in tying any flies with stinger hooks due to the concern I have with the main fly hook being in their lib and the stinger hook down in their throat or gills. I have given some thought to how to catch these short striking fish and have a plan in my head that I just wanted to throw out here and see what other tyiers think. My plan is to tie a fly, such as a wooly bugger, and use a streamer hook that is at least 4X long in say a size 12 and instead of tying the tail in at the bend of the hook, tie it in at about the center of the hook shaft or a little bit back from center. This would still give you room for the body and would put the hook bend and point in the tail. Like I said, I am just thinking out loud and want you all to give me your thoughts on this. I will probably tie some up tonight and maybe give them a try this weekend. The only drawback that comes to my mind is that the tail may get tangled up in the hook. So, what do you all think?